Pontiac engines have block code. This code will tell you the year it was to be used. However, these codes were used over from year to year. Together with the casting code and casting date you can determine where what the engine is. Starting in 1965 Pontiac. 1972 400 Y3 Code Engine Block sold. Cleaned, magged & ready to ship. Std. bore now, bore to .040. #481988 DC D262 (5). Email for extra images. 1972 ... 1967 Pontiac Quadrajet 4brl V8 Intake Manifold sold. Great condition. Bead blasted and painted. #9786286 DC E057. It will run circles around that 400" pontiac engine. ... As far as paper specs the voodoo cam above does not look too bad. ... Ported heads of course 1.94-1.50 valves. I also think the Ram air heads in 1967 were 670 castings and the ram air heads had the 2.11-1.77 valves and screw in studs not pressed in. "/>1967 pontiac 400 engine specs